Friday, February 5, 2010

The Juno dress or SWERVY at the Juno's.

Remember how I said I was going to work my arse off to take part in Atlantic Fashion Week?? Yeah well, scratch that. I think this year I will be a spectator and next year i can take part.
I still want to be part of Full Figure Fashion Week but I haven't heard from them regarding their application process so once again I am making my own event.
The Juno's are in town this year and I got it into my head that Canadian music stars and celebrities should be wearing my designs. And if not mine, than defiantly local, like SECH, or Angelle Apparel or Lotis.
This is a great opportunity to piggyback on the awards show.
Front, Size 16 Juno dress, jersey and silk, $150.
Back, Size 16 Juno Dress.
Imagine, K.D. Lang crooning in a SWERVY, or Shelagh Rogers in one of my handmades.
So, here is a challenge for you, my whole 3 readers. Link this post to your Facebook page and your Twitter account. Email it to your friends at the CBC, MusicNL and SOCAN. Call Jian Ghomeshi, tell Angela.
Let the audience at this year's Ruckus on the Edge be the snazziest ever. Let them help us look good, and visa versa.
Now, get posting and passing along. And Little Miss Higgins, send me your measurements!!


Andreae Callanan said...

1. That dress is effing gorgeous.

2. You are a genius.

Crafty Missus said...

tanks maid, sure you might be the right size to model it...

Villergirl said...

Nice Cara!! I will link this!
Love the Studio!!! holy moly
Im going to keep looking out for Store regects at the back of the village. Who knows what im might find! :)

Anonymous said...

Well holy poop. You are just one productive lady! I just need to tell you that I miss you terribly, and would like to hang soon, if your demanding schedule would allow! :D You're wonderful.