Saturday, June 4, 2011

Prized Orange.

Being asked to make a dress for Kathleen Winter was an honour. Kathleen has always been so kind to my family, she has made us feel important and valued and warm. She keeps company with some of the most inspiring women I know. She shares her well earned fortunes with her family and her community and she is a stone cold fox. Excellent legs, gorgeous smile, nice bum.
Making a dress for Kathleen was a joy but also a focused and valued experience, I wanted to make this dress with a spirit that doesn't enter into my general dress construction, I needed it to be special. To capture Kathleen's personalty, but to also express my appreciation for her.
Much of the inspiration came from visions of Kathleen, memories of her spunk and individuality, but also from her lyrical, poetic writing. As I worked on the dress the images of snow covered orange trees would sway in my mind. And I found myself singing, 'No Kathleen" but making up my own words...'oh Kathleen, wearing an orange dress....'.There were trials and errors in the construction. The sleeves made it look dowdy, so I ditched them. I decided on a 'V' back because of the stone cold fox issue, and I ended up adding a ruffly underskirt and a slip.The jacket was constructed on the dress form, I taped out my pattern map and hand stitched it while it was pinned to the form. i went with the fuchsia on the outside because the mix of it with the orange reminded me of Ring Pops. (You would be amazed how often I make design choices based on food.)
This is the last photo I took during construction. At this stage it is all you are going to get. for the finished product with writer inside you will have to wait a few weeks. I'll get one of her posing in it with her prize in hand!Good luck, Kathleen! xoC

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Happy Fish/Swervy photo shoot with some naughty photos of the Crafty Missus - Shockin'!

Malin Enstrom of Happy Fish Photography is my hero. She is generous with her time and talent. She is fun to work with and she has fabulous ideas.
Malin, m'self and Big Al over at Volta, had some ideas of a risqué photo shoot using SWERVY Garmentry designs mixed with burlesque themed accessories and fetish feel props. Once again the result is breath taking.
Please excuse the Crafty Missus' vanity, I have included a few shots that have nothing to do with my designs, but I think they are accurate portraits of yours truly, and, well, if I am going to put photos of the Swervettes in their underwear, I owe it to them to put my knockers forward as well. And also, I am proud and impressed with myself.

Lined stretch satin dress, sold.
Custom made, $50

Fitted unlined t-shirt cut dress, sold.
Custom made, $40

Crafty Missus in underwear and Jason Holley chainmaille bra.

Suede bra, A cup, $50
Pants alterations, $30 (Repairs and alterations on leather available, prices vary.)

Leather vest, sold.
Custom made, $80

Crafty Missus in stripes and pasties by Naughty and Nice.

Handmade masks, one of a kind, $20

Soft, stretchy leopard print negligee, sold.
Custom made, $40.

Pleather bra, C cup, $40

Pleather girdle, with stocking attachment, size 8 - 14, $40

Crafty Missus with Karyn Inger ostrich feather earring.

Stretchy and soft, sexy shirt, sold. Custom made, $40
Panties in same fabric, sold. Custom made, $20+

Black, stretch cotton t-shirt, $20 size 4 - 8.
High waisted stretch cotton underwear, $20, size 6 - 12.
Silk, satin and lace belt, $30, size 6.

Suede paneled skirt, sold.
Custom made, $30+

Jersey cotton tank, $20, size 4.
Cotton A line skirt, sold.
Custom made, $30.

Polyester stretch t-shirt, with long skirt, size 16, $20 and $30 respectively.
Winter ascot, satin and with fleece lining, $20.

Lycra tunic, sold.
Custom made, $30.

Blend stretch t-shirt, size 10, $20.
Cotton skirt, size 10, $30.

Cotton stretch t-shirt, size 6, $20
Cotton skirt, sold.
Custom made $30.

Jersey cotton tank, sold.
Custom made $15.
Satin hippy skirt, size 26, $30

Thursday, December 16, 2010

How do they do it?

The Crafty Missus wishes she had it together like these people:

Malin Enstrom (who took the below photos!!)

But she does not...

I need a manager/personal assistant/motivational director that is willing to work for clothes and clothing repair and recipient of my handiness.

Please apply to the Crafty Missus Workshop comments section. No resume or references required. Seriousless inquiries only.

In the meantime, I have costumey outfits that could go to a theatre or dance school if stuff like that is wanted, nar charge.

And also, I selling stuff for dirty cheap cause I got some ideas for the next project.

Hanner might be dirty, but she ain't cheap.
Her bra is though. $25 for a pleather bra is a deal!!

While the little black skirt is sold, the sweet top isn't. It's $20, and while it is an off the shoulder number on Cara, a size 8 and below would work like a boat neck.
The tie is sold but there is always a collection of ties at the Crafty Missus Workshop.

The skirt is sold, but the it another one with a darker blue waist band and a gold under skirt. The top is still available, and it is $20.

Alison's cute pink shirt is sold, but the skirt is still available and it is $30.

Hannah got the shirt, but the $30 skirt is still up for grabs!

This purple shirt is $20, the skirt is sold.

The Crafty Missus always got something happening in the workshop, so set up an appointment to come take a look.

Saturday, July 31, 2010

Swervy photo shoot with the uber talented Malin Enstrom

Cupcakes melting in the sun.

Beautiful Bobbie Warren.

Jean Graham in her twirly skirt.

Nadine Drew in a teddy.

Kaitlin Ludlow is a fairy.

Sexy Bobbie.

Breathtaking Jean.

Nadine in glittery brown.

Bobbie Warren

Renee Holloway: stone cold fox!!

Nadine's tummy.

Kaitlin is entirely to photogenic...

Summertime. Is the living easy, Jean??

Pretty Renee.


Gorgeousness runs in the family.

Purty Deaner.

Kaitlin is 'cherry' lovely.

I love you, Jean!!

Ladies in tunics.

Jean: pretty in pink...

...Renee: pretty in pink.

Cute Nadine.

Hard ticket picnic!

So sexy, Kaitlin!!

My two darlings.

Little black dress tea party.

Aunty Crafty's bubba girl.

Mermaid Melanie Francis.

Knock out Kaitlin.

Swervy Garmentress' niece and fabu designer, MJ Majic.

Thank you, Malin.
Want Ms. Enstrom to take photos for you?? Well she's right here!