Thursday, December 16, 2010

How do they do it?

The Crafty Missus wishes she had it together like these people:

Malin Enstrom (who took the below photos!!)

But she does not...

I need a manager/personal assistant/motivational director that is willing to work for clothes and clothing repair and recipient of my handiness.

Please apply to the Crafty Missus Workshop comments section. No resume or references required. Seriousless inquiries only.

In the meantime, I have costumey outfits that could go to a theatre or dance school if stuff like that is wanted, nar charge.

And also, I selling stuff for dirty cheap cause I got some ideas for the next project.

Hanner might be dirty, but she ain't cheap.
Her bra is though. $25 for a pleather bra is a deal!!

While the little black skirt is sold, the sweet top isn't. It's $20, and while it is an off the shoulder number on Cara, a size 8 and below would work like a boat neck.
The tie is sold but there is always a collection of ties at the Crafty Missus Workshop.

The skirt is sold, but the it another one with a darker blue waist band and a gold under skirt. The top is still available, and it is $20.

Alison's cute pink shirt is sold, but the skirt is still available and it is $30.

Hannah got the shirt, but the $30 skirt is still up for grabs!

This purple shirt is $20, the skirt is sold.

The Crafty Missus always got something happening in the workshop, so set up an appointment to come take a look.

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Anonymous said...

That's totally my job you posted. You know my qualifications. Working for clothes is what I like best. Money is ugly. - hj