Thursday, January 21, 2010

Kevin has been writing an article for Bunchfamily, a parenting website. They want to know about our city. They asked about a day outing, how we would spend $1000 here and our favourite thing about the city.
It got me thinking about all the makers here and how handmade fills our life. Take Christmas, the majority of presents given in our home were handmade.
For instance, Kevin gave me a hula hoop making session with my favourite Cara, Miss Lewis. (Which after hoop construction we were found hooping in the frosty garden, at 10:30 at night.)
There were presents like hand knit socks and mitts from Poole's Cove Crafts and Molly D Knits. We each got a hand knit hat, mine with mitts from Spindrift, Kevin's fleece lined from Knix Knits,
and boys got lovely one made by someone's Nan out in Deer Lake.
There was a box of assorted ornaments from local crafters, like raku shells from Northeastern Folk Art, Mummer's from Janet Peter, woven trees by Pearl Fifield and wine glass coasters by Shelia Ford.
I gave Kevin a copy of The Dog's Breakfast, and Wish got a puffin by Roz Ford.
There is praise heaped on Roz in the Bunchland article, she is a super handy lass, her plush "toys" range from the kids toy, to the art doll, to making life size sea turtles and whales for the Marine Institute. And, she is also a jeweler.
We got a subscription to Riddlefence, a local literary journal. Here is a nifty link that I found on their website. Be aware of *some* language.
Of course holidays also means you get gadgetry from mall-mart. Santa brought Llew Optimus Prime, which we cannot assemble into truck form and he frustrates us. Ages 5 and up my arse!
Luckily, Llew is happy to flap Roz's puffin around the house, and when the mistransformer utters "I am Opitmus Prime", Llew asks, "Yes, but what have you done for me lately?", and soars and wheels and banks down the hall.


Anonymous said...

I miss you Missus.

Anonymous said...

come visit!!

Villergirl said...

Been working lots and lots of OT.. quitting wicker soon!! which will leave my every evening free!!!!!