Thursday, January 14, 2010

Needy Missus

The workshop is coming along nicely. I do need some things to help it go faster, like a ride to the dump. We have accumulated a great big pile o' crap in the four years we have lived here, I can't imagine the sanitation officers will take it all away, and with the new rules in place at the town dump it may be easier to do it myself.
I also need lights, probably about 6 - 8. I am thinking the clamp on kind, and halogen bulbs. I have on of those crafting lamps which sometimes gives the illusion of sunlight, but one in the basement doesn't cut the mustard and at pricey a pop I got me doubts I'll be using those.
My dear Chad hasn't been around yet, he went and got himself a part-time, but I am dragging him to Power's Salvage this week and he is going to build me a table, g-d'mit!
Inventory tells me I have two working sewing machines and 2 sewing tables. I need a serger and a dress form, but it'll be zig zag stitch and a duct tape dolly until the studio is in full swing (as oppose to full slings).
I need a counter top bench for dye work and some soda ash and urea and a drop of manutex too...
The windows need some curtains, the floor needs some rugs. And a dehumidifier would be nice, it is a basement after all.
I went to Power's and got some $2.00 tins of paint, sky blues, minty greens, and pinky pinks and I been slapping it on. It brightens the place up a bit, cuts down on the dinge.
When the space is complete it will consist of a laundry room. storage, dye area, giant work table room, and a sewing room with a tiny back lounge.
I think i will paint the tiny room entirely pink to give the impression of being inside a gum bubble and it is where I will sketch... or be sketchy... like a pink panic room...
Where I can go when I have given myself to many tasks (ack!) in to little time (eek!) and the kids want to be feed (ugh!) and the floors need to be washed (eep!) and the dress needs to be stitched (wah!). Where I can twitch the pink curtain into place and curl up and rock until help shows up...
hmmm.... but until then, back to work!


Villergirl said...

Love it!!! Sounds excellent!
Tell ya what.. i will see if any of the stores in the village are giving away old maniquines.. as my coworker brent got a size 16 half legless armless one from rietmans not long ago! it might help for the time being.

Ps. Love the Duct Tape Dolly vid! lol

Anonymous said...

I'm so frikkin' proud of you.
when I get home I'll see if we've got some extra lights we're not using. I know we had some halogen's (they get pretty hot so we don't use them to display with anymore)
keep up the great work dear!
maybe next time I'm in if you need help paintin' or whatever I might be able to come lend a hand.

love and hugs.

Curiosity & Joy said...

i need both of you to come painting for me.
i got a table today, the whole thing is coming together.

Andreae Callanan said...

Woot! Can't wait to see the progress.

You got anything red down in the workshop? I went and tagged you in a photo game over on my blog... 'cause I know you have nothing to do all day, and sit around, bored to tears, like meself...