Monday, February 15, 2010

New Dresses

I have been working my buns off with this Juno dress project. I am assisting Andria Edison ofAngelle Apparel with a fashion show she is planning for the 15th of April, which is in the middle of Juno week. I am making my own line of dresses for that fashion show and I am still trying to get the word out to buy local when shopping for your Juno outfit.
Here is the dress on the dolly now, there are two more being hand stitched at the moment.
I was on WAM this weekend talking about the Juno Dress and I am not done with my harassing. Dress the Juno's can be tied into the fashion show as well, which is shaping up to be quite an event, I'll tell you all about it as the time draws nearer.
While all this is going on I am also making my friend, Gillian's wedding dress. She wants a flapper style dress and I have been given a lux bag of silk (thanks Nerd!!) to make the dress with.
Nubby side.

Shiny side.

There is a beautiful mocha colour (Is it coffee dye or chemical??), the natural colour is white and I did a little tea dyed sample. One side of the fabric has a sheen, the other side is nubby. What do you think? Mocha, tea or white? Sheen or nub?
And while all this work is going on there is still the matter of raising kids and having a functioning relationship with my husband. Here are my boys posing and reading. Llew is disgusted by the sloppy kiss Wish just laid on him.
Look at those faces, we must be doing something right...


Andreae Callanan said...

Oooh, the tea dye looks niiiice. I regret to say that the mocha is plain old Dylon - I was aiming for a dark, chocolatey red-brown, but that stuff just wasn't agreeing with me.

Crafty Missus said...

thanks dear.

Heidi the Hick said...

Can't get over how big those boys are getting! But not surprised at all by how good looking!

Don't know yet if we're coming out your way but I want to more than ever... and I totally believe it's only right that I should be wearing something by a good StJawn's girl such as yourself, absolutely!