Tuesday, April 27, 2010

More FUSION fashion and Juno dress worn by a barn boot clad Hick.

Okay, she isn't wearing her barn boots here but trust me, this missus works the John Deere.
I think you should wear your hat and boots with the skirt next year, missus...

The outfit is/was a draped pink shantung skirt, lots of folds and pinning and a touch of ribbon. I made a black jersey tank top and a faux snake skin jacket with sari lining. There is also a belt and a clutch that has a Led Zeppelin patch and is only big enough for a pantyliner...

As "lady beetle" (tee hee) had two events to attend, she also wore the black lace dress. She had red eye in the photos but I choose not to edit them out as she is a demon in this dress.
On a personal note, "she" is named Heidi and her lovely husband John won our hearts. We felt connected to them immediately and are happy to have brought our online relationship to the next level!

As for the fashion show, I was stalking using my Hunny's account and came across photos that a stranger took of the event.

1 comment:

Heidi the Hick said...

Man what fun, eh?

I thought about the red eye, because I didn't fix it before we gave you the pictures, but heck I'll admit I kinda liked the glowing red eyes! mwa ha ha ha aaa!

Cara, you're awesome. Hanging with your family really made our weekend!

(Really think it'd look good with rubber barn boots???)

I'll write up your city on my blog, promise. Just gotta move house completely and find room for the rest of our stuff. And take a nap. Hug the boys for me!!