Monday, January 11, 2010

pilot post - site under construction.

The Crafty Missus Workshop isn't just a vertual space, it is a studio space in the real world as well.
Okay, it is my basement, and is also a site under construction... but soon enough it will be a bright bustling art and crafty factory! complete with an Igor, or at least a Chad.
Chad is a fine fellow who is the president of the Senior Citizen Skate Boarder Association, NL chapter, he is also a talented artist and the head honcho/salesman/production manager of CARVER Skaterwear.
In exchange for painting, installing lights and work tables and the like, I will teach him clothing construction.
All this and we are going to merge our clothing lines to do some girly boarder stuff.
The Crafty Missus Workshop has existed in many spaces, I am hoping this one fills all the needs of a multi craftster. Sewing, paint and dye, printing, messy work, you name it, even possibly a dark room... mmmmm....
Right now i have three primary focus':
1) SWERVY Garmentry, my plus size clothing line. I am sketching for my spring designs. There is Atlantic Fashion Week that I want to be involved with, there is FFFW, I would love to showcase at... maybe a bit far fetched though...
Under this category I am including the construction of one wedding dress and the Cara/Chad collective collection. Likes a big bite, I do.
2) The continued spare time painting of spin tops, clothes pegs, the hand stitching of bears and the collaging of cards. These go under the title of ToyVogue and have been great for doing bazaars. Always good to have something for sale.
3) I need to brainstorm for a possible future exhibit. I have lots of ideas but nothing concrete, more like fantasies. All I can confirm is that I will not be satisfied following the trends of my past work. I need the challenge of something new. Is that conceptually or with medium or mode?? I have stagnated and need to push my boundaries.
yep, that is what you are in for 'round here. I'll document studio construction, link to some of my past exhibits and fashion shows, maybe set up a trading shop/store (whacha got?), show you my projects, get feedback, a contest or two, tutes, the occasional nonpolitical/controversial meme. When summer comes the will be garden updates and every once in a while I will praise or rant about my family, but mostly I'll expose you to my creative side and keep my bra colour to myself.
Now, in the meantime go look at this stuff, and check back soon!
Gem Sweater Princess

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Villergirl said...

Loves it Missus!!

I guess this is where we will meet now! :)

what you doing PM?